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יום ה׳, 22 בפבר׳


Avnei Eitan

Yoga Retreat - 22-24/02

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Yoga Retreat - 22-24/02
Yoga Retreat - 22-24/02

Horário e local

22 בפבר׳ 2024, 15:00 GMT‎+2‎ – 24 בפבר׳ 2024, 15:00 GMT‎+2‎

Avnei Eitan, Avnei Eitan, 1292500

Sobre o evento

Our programming is inspired by the principles of ayurveda and yoga for the winter season.  As winter slowly blankets the world in a serene stillness, our bodies and minds undergo subtle shifts in response to the season’s unique energies. This Yoga Retreat, offers simple and useful practices to help us enjoy the winter months in balance and health, in harmony with nature.

Here are some of them:

1. Adjust the balance of flavours in your meals;

2. Nourish with warm, light and dry foods

3. Hydration is important all year round, but during the wet winter months it is best to drink spicy hot teas.

4. Regular oil massage, consider making this a part of your weekly routine.

5. Energising routines

6. Make time to rest

7. Be in Harmony with Nature: Dress warm, wear layers and keep dry, spend time outdoors during the short daylight hours, enjoying the fresh air.

8. In addition to exercise, maintain mental freshness, read, meditate, learn new things.

Day 1

1. True prayer is not asking, it is listening

2. The winter season is a time to rest, reflect, hold space, vision, hibernate, and withdraw some of your outwardly-focused energy and redirect it inward.

3. Agni (fire) - source of life, governing not only the digestion of food but also the digestion process of thoughts, emotions, and life experience.

4. Ama (toxins) - removing the cause of an imbalance is always one of the first steps in the line of healing

5. Restorative yoga - “rest and digest”

6. Clearing and purifying the subtle channels of the mind-body organism

7. Bonfire - freeing oneself from “attachments”

Day 2

1. Create space for new ideas and release negative emotions Story about karma Clear the blocks from your own karma. It can change your luck and allow property to flow.

2. Walking meditation - boost energy, stabilise your mood, quiet mental chatter and enable you to ‘be in the moment’.

3. Strengthen the Inner Voice - stop the vicious cycle of frustration, self-doubt, and anger

4. Self Abhyanga - the experience of being loved

5. Bonfire - communicating your intent to let go of something

Day 3

1. Protect you from negative energy and keep you healthy.

2. Recognize the power of our word in creating our world

3. Deliver Your Intentions - develop willpower

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