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Overcome fear, guilt and anger with

Yoga Kundalini & self-awareness

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We are...

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Spiritual Counselor

Individual meetings and workshops

Q: What Does a Spiritual Counselor Do, Exactly?

A: We all have blind spots that prevent us from seeing ourselves and our own situation accurately. A spiritual counselor listens to that small, still voice inside you, and facilitates leading it out of you.
What is this voice? It’s the authentic voice of the heart that knows who you are and what you truly need. If the spiritual counselor cannot hear it, they will continue persisting until they do, and then they help their client to hear it as well.


Q: What Should I Expect From Working With a Spiritual Counselor?

A: As I mentioned before, everyone has blind spots. A spiritual  gives you a sort of “second opinion” to help you find the most authentic parts of yourself. This is where the counselor will point you, if they’re able to. Ideally, the person you work with will be able to mirror back to you the best in yourself. You can expect your counselor to also ask questions to help you to dig a little bit deeper, or inspire a new way of looking at things. 

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kundalini Yoga Mentor

Individual meetings and small groups

In the first chapter of the Yogasūtra, Patañjali offers different practices for reducing agitation so we can see and act with clarity. One practice is seeking counsel from someone wiser, someone who has done (and is continuing to do) their own work of personal transformation (YS I.37.) This is the essence of our Mentor relationship: a reliable external reference to guide us in identifying our knowing, to help us discern our saṁskāras (patterns), and understand our kleśas (obstacles.)

 When we are agitated or out of balance, it is easy to continue to feed the imbalance or follow the whims of our desires and aversions. As a common example, without guidance we will often choose to practice for ourselves what feels good or what we are familiar with, excluding what we don’t know or don’t like. Sometimes we practice what another teacher suggested long ago, though, as we’ve changed, the tools may no longer be serving us. 


How we can serve You...

Our meetings, classes and workshops bring a lot of guidance to put more focus on our life, with versatile themes that can carry us to growth, and awareness that only was waiting for us to be open. 

In our meetings and work, we combine mental and physical practice to feel and open ourselves into the challenges that exist in this world and life.

We believe in harmony and open dialog to achieve success here and now.

Classes and Workshops

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Process the emotions and the subconscious blocks that prevent us from going ahead.

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You may feel more energized, more relaxed and more alive all at the same time!


You can sit down and meditate and get in touch with your inner peace and strength quickly.

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The technology that can make you feel comfortable with and not feel frustrated that you can't get away


You will be surprised by how easy it is to begin your practice, and delight in your newly-discovered experience of well-being


There is no age limit, no previous experience needed, just flexibility in mind and openness in the heart.

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Kundalini Yoga classes

Kundalini Yoga is known to assist change and self-limiting habits. 

  • It is a transformational system designed to release blocks to the reservoirs of untapped energy within us.

  • It is designed to balance the glandular system and revitalize the nervous systems.

  • It works to build, clear, and balance the subtle systems of the nadis (energy channels) and the chakras. 

  • It includes hydrotherapy and breathing practices and other established practices for optimal health and optimal functioning.

  • It is a science

When energy moves freely through the chakras, it stimulates the mental, physical, and spiritual health of the being. There is a clarity that arises that combines perception, thought, and intuition. (3HO)

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